AA2A Resident Artist

Sophie Goodchild

My time on the programme would act as an investigative and process based response to the act of nourishment, care and comfort through etching on handmade papers and textiles. I am ready to slow down my process yet continue to push and challenge a cross disciplinary way of making across what I consider as both painting and sculpture. I want to work with the properties and necessities of etching yet experiment with and introduce non typical and unusual material effects to the application of ink, layering of images and textures, and application to differing materials. I will develop a series of image based works that abstractly reference and include imagery surrounding water phenomena, osmosis in nature and the powers of the female body as a result of pregnancy and childbirth. These will both function as detailed, close up portals within my larger textile based works and a more refined, considered selection of prints on handmade paper- an aspect of my practice that currently doesn’t exist due to time, space and environment restraints. As well as my own photographic imagery and interest in crops of memories, moments and this idea of the ‘glitch’, I will access the library to develop and build up an image reference archive that is appropriate and informative to the project, experimenting with collage, montage and layering before developing the final etching plates.
Sophie Goodchild photo

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