'AA2A Engage' - our active membership group

'AA2A Engage' is an active membership group formed of previous AA2A artists who are prepared to act as role models for students, providing insights into professional life as an artist or designer-maker and into the creative community that exists outside universities and colleges. In 2016-17 we intend to raise the profile of the project in host institutions by giving the staff and students more information about what AA2A Engage can offer. AA2A artists can find out more about hosting AA2A Engage student visits here: FAQS

From years of AA2A artists evaluations, we know that the majority of our artists feel that they would have liked to do more to help students. With the confidence that we would not be imposing on them, we asked our previous AA2A artists if they might be prepared to host at least one visit a year to help students. These student visits will be in addition to anything institutions arrange with their current AA2A artists. The difference is that we suggest interactions with AA2A Engage artists should be informal and focus on activities outside the host institution. Artists would normally host these visits on a voluntary basis, we would expect institutions to reimburse any direct expenses they incur, which should be agreed in advance (eg. travel). In 2016-17 we are promoting the student visits by offering some paid opportunities for artists to help increase the number of students who benefit. Examples include:

  • Studio visits - students are shown an artists own studio or visit a group studio

  • Private views - students visit an exhibition or private view with an artist

  • Open studios - an artist introduces students to an Open Studios event

  • Intros to self-employment - artists show students the paperwork needed

We have more than 120 artists signed up for this initiative, which helps us to promote our employability packages to institutions. We give AA2A institutions access to the membership in the form of a Google map so they can see which artists are local to them. Each 'flag' has the basic contact details with a link to their AA2A webpage. AA2A Engage artists will be under no obligation to agree to any request. AA2A Engage is a resource for all current AA2A host institutions regardless of the level of the employability package they have signed up for. The Google map can be found in the 'Key Documents' folder, which can be accessed by logging in to the password protected area of this website.

Our AA2A Engage Artists are...

  • ... from all over the country, giving good geographical coverage

  • ... from about 50 different AA2A host institutions (past and present)

  • ... from across all scheme years from 1999 to 2016

Artist support for the AA2A Engage membership group

"I think the AA2A Engage membership is a great idea and a really positive way to contribute to the ongoing success of AA2A as opposed to a financial or commission based contribution." Helen Snell, Plymouth College of Art, 2009-10.

"Taking part in AA2A has made a significant contribution to the development of my professional art practice. I am keen to support the scheme through the new AA2A Engage members group." Sandie Henderson, University of Central Lancashire, 2004-05.