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Enhancing Your Institution's Creative Impact: Discover What's New with AA2A for 2024/25

Your Partnership with AA2A for 2024/25

In our 25th year at AA2A, we celebrate a rich history and successful record of facilitating over 2000 residency placements across 70 universities and colleges in the UK. Our extensive network includes a diverse group of professional artists and creatives eager to engage with students and support emerging talent.

Achievements in 2023/24

This year, we introduced a new seminar series tailored for students across your art and design schools. This initiative broadened our reach and incorporated more industry-focused discussions featuring expert guest panellists. We also made our support videos more accessible, providing a wealth of industry and career insights.

Key Highlights:

- A 50% increase in seminar attendance compared to the previous year.
- Participation of 7 industry expert guest panelists across 4 seminars.
- Introduction of 3 new employability speakers for in-person talks.
- A majority, 85%, of talks delivered in-person.
- A 30% growth in our social media audience over the last 10 months.
- Creation of over 100 new, accessible short videos (average 1.5 minutes each) that cater to today's students' engagement preferences. 
- Appointment of a new National Director, bringing a fresh strategic perspective to programming and partnerships.

The AA2A artists gave “fantastic teaching workshops that were the most popular workshops with the students”
Coordinator, Leeds 2024

Plans for 2024/25

While retaining our unique artist residencies at the heart of our programme we are enhancing services to improve communication with coordinators, engage students more effectively, and provide valuable professional practice advice.

Key Upcoming Changes:

- Launch of a new website featuring improved branding and a contemporary look, better navigation and clearer information for all stakeholders.
- Expansion and modification of our communication channels, including a new digital publication featuring contributions from staff, industry professionals and student ambassadors.

Student Ambassador Program

Our new Student Ambassador programme will offer developmental roles to selected students, providing them access to industry advisors, one-on-one mentoring, and deeper industry insights. This program will be expanded to include a greater number than our existing Student Rep initiative.

Creative Futures

Our commitment to professional practice guidance will continue to grow, with a series of talks and seminars aimed at supporting students' transition into employment:

- Emphasis on self-employment and a broad spectrum of creative career options.
- Introduction of the Creative Futures Guide publication, accessible to all host students.
- Addition of new short, soundbite videos to our existing library of over 100 advice and support videos.

“It was very useful for me to listen to those who are already in an artistic career and hear how you promote yourself and sell your work. Thank you!!!!!” 
Student, Anglian Ruskin 2024

Financial and Reputational Value to Your Institution

Financial Benefits:

- All AA2A residency placements are subsidized by over 60%.
- The unsubsidized cost of delivering a similar scheme is estimated between £4500 - £5000.
- The cost for running a scheme with an in-person talk was £1825 in 2023/24, with a slight increase to £1860 for 2024/25.
- Options for shorter online talks are available, though in-person sessions are recommended for greater engagement.

Cost-Effective Benefits:

- Access to all Creative Futures support materials.
- A new student professional practice scheme including one-on-one mentoring.
- Employability talks and a seminar series featuring industry experts from various sectors.
- Formal and Informal access to professional artists.
- Up to three sessions of talks, workshops, and demonstrations by each AA2A artist.

Reputational Benefits:

- Association with a longstanding, successful program known for its commitment to the arts and education.
- Enhanced visibility and prestige within the academic and artistic communities.
- Attracting leading artists and creatives.
- Enriching the student experience and positioning the institution as a vibrant hub for contemporary arts.
- Valuable networking opportunities that can lead to career development and collaborative projects.
- Aligning with industry standards and enhancing appeal to stakeholders interested in practical and contemporary educational outcomes.

“The AA2A project allowed me to connect with other artists and share my practice with students who are planning to work in the creative sector” 
AA2A resident, Loughborough 2022

Your partnership with AA2A not only brings substantial financial and reputational benefits, it represents a unique contribution to the nurturing and development of the next generation of artists and creative professionals.

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