AA2A Artists Hardship Fund

What the fund is

We expect to be able to provide expenses of up to £300 for artists on benefits associated with low income. This is to help with the costs of childcare, travel and in some cases, materials. Applications from artists on low income (under £10,000) but not in receipt of benefits can also apply but only for a maximum of £200 and we are unlikely to be able to cover the cost of materials. Artists with costs associated with disability can fill in the same application form but are not limited to £300

How it works

Artists needing financial support to help with expenses will be asked to submit a simple online form to the national AA2A team (see below). Artists must not apply until they are formally offered a place. As host institutions may require a response within 10 days please do not delay, particularly if accepting a place is dependent on our decision.

Every application will be considered and within 7 days we will email you with information about our decision.

We aim to pay Artists on benefits associated with low income within 28 days of receiving their application. Artists on a low income but not in receipt of benefits, will only be paid out in December, after those with disabilities and on benefits have been paid out. As these later payments will be from the remaining fund, they are not guaranteed and are unlikely to be for the full amount applied for.

Payments will only be made once we receive confirmation that you have accepted an AA2A place. We share information on the level of funding made, with AA2A staff at an artist's host institution.


As this Fund comes primarily from grant aid, we may need to ask for evidence of how you spent the money, so please keep receipts, etc. in case our funders decide an audit is needed. If this happened we would contact you directly. Due to Arts Council England rules, the money paid to you is not a grant but an advance payment of expenses you expect to incur. If your expenses vary a little from your proposed outline, you do not need to contact us, as long as they are still within our general rules and records are kept.

It can be used towards materials, travel or formal childcare, which you would not otherwise need. Reimbursement for mileage is paid at a maximum of 25p per mile, though we'd prefer to pay the actual cost of fuel wherever possible. Funds cannot be used against the cost of capital items such as computers, kilns etc. Should less than 50 of the 100 access hours be used at your host institution, artists may be asked to return an appropriate proportion of the payment, or any unused materials. Any unspent funds must be returned if unused so we can fund other artists.

Online application for Hardship fund