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How to Apply

Applications open annually during July and August.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Artists must have at least one year of professional arts practice  
  • Artists must have availability within the relevant academic year and commit to 50 - 100 hours on-site
  • Artists must be able to work with minimal technical support as the main focus for staff is their students 
  • Artists must be willing to deliver up to 4 sessions to students (workshop, talk, lecture etc.). Artists can specify what they are prepared to do on their application  

Who can’t apply:

  • Artists who have been in full or part-time study in the previous academic year
  • Artists who have participated in AA2A within the last 2 years


  • Host institutions may offer one Just Graduated place to a BA, MA or PhD student who has at least one year's previous professional practice

Selection criteria: 

  • Project proposal: A considered project outline describing ambition and goals for the residency which aligns with the host institutions’ specific educational objectives, if any, including how it will help your creative development and noting which facilities and equipment will be used
  • Proposal for contributing to student development and a commitment to being a positive role model for art students
  • Realistic travel plans and an achievable estimate of how much time will be spent at the host with a commitment to attending a minimum of 50 hours
  • Clear understanding of residency format - aware of timescales alongside your other obligations and financial situation; must be capable of working independently after equipment and workshop inductions
  • Commitment to timely communication with the AA2A team and host staff plus completion of a two-part AA2A evaluation 
  • Positive, approachable and collaborative attitude 

Inclusivity and Diversity

AA2A encourages artists from all backgrounds to apply for our artist residencies and have a small Artist Support Fund available to support artists with travel, childcare and materials costs, and costs associated with disability.   

Application procedure

  • Application packs will be available on the AA2A website in July/August with application deadlines in September/October
  • Staff from the institution will assess the suitability of the applications; some institutions include an independent panel member in this process
  • Selected artists will be invited to discuss their proposal with relevant staff and technicians with the aim of negotiating an access agreement which suits both parties
  • Firm offers will be made to those artists whose proposals can be accommodated
  • Once you have an offer, you can apply to AA2A's Artist Support Fund if you are on benefits or a low income

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