One of the most positive aspects Ive found with being on this scheme is that it has given me the kick up the ... I mean confidence to start working on some of the little side projects ive been thinking about doing but never got round to. I tend to think about doing stuff a lot more than I actually do do stuff but im more interested in trying and failing now. Heres some photos of lost/ random items of clothing on the street. typical how and why questions raised. I also quit my job as front of house in the local archive centre. I dont want to be too specific because I kind of tampered with the archives before I left, well, created my own archive of newspaper cuttings and a few images and hid it in there so maybe in a few hundred years time someone will come across it so even if I live to become the most rubbish artist that ever lived history will have a very different story recorded!

The last picture is again something I been wanting to investigate but going to see the Muybridge exhibition at the Tate really inspired me to crack on. As a student of photography I was immediately drawn to his images of motion studies in humans and animals. I love how methodical and honest they are, invoking a pioneering, curious and selfless spirit, not only was it an age of wonder, being able to freeze the movement of water for the first time and start to understand the mechanics of the human body but he was making the images as studies for artists, thats so nice! I love how they are like the building blocks to inspire artists and help them to create great works but that they are just a starting point for visual investigation. 

I havent double checked the title yet but its going to be something like "The Philospher discusses Kants theory of the mind." Th portraits were shot on a single roll of 120 film. Im really interested in the idea that while I love looking at photographs I find them almost too visual if that makes sense, its so easy to over analyse or place so much importance in tiny details that can simply be exagerated constructs or based in stereotype that I like to look at encoraging the viewer to think outside the photograph, to lierally take it at face value. The title is true, the subject has a Masters in Philosophy and is explaining a theory. Like Muybridges images were a way for artists to expand their visual reportoire and abilities, I want my images to inspire investigation into the theories they refer to as philosophical inspiration for the viewer.

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