Subject: Environmental

Project: Daizy | Title: Comfy 


The title Comfy comes from our need to simplify everything we do in order to create the illusion that we are making life easier for ourselves.  However, nature will always overcompensate in order to survive so cutting corners over time can create environmental problems. 

The sculpture’s metal hoop is a tree guard, which is used around a young tree in a lawn to prevent the grass from choking the tree and allows the plant to access rain water.  The sculpture uses the guard to make a comfy sprung bed for the ceramic seed head to draw attention to the fact that we need to look after our towns’ plants.  The red cords are the drinking tubes of the plant that sit on paving blocks instead of soil and the tree guard is placed on the paving bricks to highlight the long term effect of preventing rainwater from soaking into the ground of our towns and cities.  This is in reference to town trees being sealed up to their trunks or the removal of plants in front gardens. 

Since the widespread use of Tarmac and concrete to make pathways, roads and car parks we have effectually been sealing up miles of land within our towns.  These large areas collect huge amounts of rainwater that is often diverted into our waterways adding to seasonal flooding.  For those of us who live in town who don’t want a flower bed or pebble boarder around the paved driveway - the best option is to place a grill between the border of the drive way and the pavement.  This grill is then connected to a soak away tub that is placed under the driveway to absorb the rainwater. 

This Artwork was later displayed in a solo exhibiton at Watford Musem, Space2 Gallery.  Medium metal tree hoop, springs, twine, cord, ceramic, paving bricks and pebbles Dimension 30h x 110w x 100d cm | Year 2017

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