Cross References: 1 - 14

Cross References: 1 – 14 is a body of fourteen works that were produced for Brighton Festival Fringe in 2003.  These photo-etchings are a response to the fourteen Stations of the Cross that appear generally in Catholic Churches and in particular in St. Thomas More’s Church in Patcham, Brighton.  The church played host to a number of contemporary artists participating in this peer-selected exhibition and is a contemplation on Loneliness, Temptation & Forgiveness – some of the 21st century crosses.

These etchings are made using the ImagOn laminating film method and are hand pulled onto 280gsm cotton rag ‘Somerset’ paper from Cuthbert Mills.

The quiet eloquence of these pieces lie in what they don’t say, what is missing and what we are being asked to contemplate in these images.  

SdR  25.1.12

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