Fuller's earth,red coat/scarlet jacket/potions and wool

In June 2010 in collaboration with Lou Gilbert Scott I was resident artist with  asiwalkedout, an event organised by Stroud Visual Arts and Fairgame Theatre Company and backed by Gloucestershire County Council and the Cultural Olympiad. Our residency involved the first week of an eight week walk with four donkeys, a cart and a solar panel across the Cotswolds.

Lou and I began our engagement with objects and materials that were associated with the wool industry. The red coat/scarlet jacket was a central feature of our walk. All these items remained with us on the week which culminated in camping on a seam of Fuller's earth at the Axis camp where we made pots with campers, firing them overnight. We also wove tennis rackets.

This introduction to the idea of walking as art and as a vehicle in itself, for transporting ideas and things, suggests the possibility that chosen items can be transitional objects. Useful, they take us from one psychological imagined or felt condition to another while we physically also change position as we cover ground. Walking provides time to consider the immediate environment; looking after donkeys - or looking after any living things imbues a sense of needing to be in control. Had we had more days to walk with the donkeys - the role reversal may have been more apparent!

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