Metamorphosis series

This body of work has a narrative which explores the image we present of ourselves; our external skin and internal self.

The sculptural organic form was inspired by a vibrantly coloured sheath which protected a large invasive weed. For me this served as an analogy of the human condition. What is there hidden beneath the surface?

In some cases beneath a vivacious, attention grabbing skin there is an empty void. Sometimes beneath the protective layer there is something that has been formed by the various conditions life has brought to bear on it, emerging solid and strong. This series of pieces discusses these ideas.


I chose to work with Pate de Verre as it allowed me to accurately place carefully selected colours and to develop a variety of surface textures which makes the work tactile and intriguing. The contrast between the thin Pate de Verre skin and solid cast forms expresses the idea of emergence and development. The use of frit tinting in the solid cast enables a transition in colour which emphasises the sense of maturation.


Although the narrative connects the pieces each glass element can also stand alone.




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