Music for the Eyes

Work from my first exhibition for 24 years in 2008

“All Art aspires to Music” (Walter Pater)


I have always believed that Music, in its purest form, is the most exemplary of all the Arts since it appeals directly to the subconscious, (the soul, if you like), without being filtered by our normal perceptive need to understand or relate to reality. It has no survival function.

In a more mundane form Music can, of course, be inspired by natural phenomena - ‘Fingal’s Cave’, ‘A Night on a Bare Mountain’. It can be used to illustrate events such as ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ or the defeat of Napoleon in ‘1812‘. It can be used to accompany words. But, in its purest form, (Bach, Stockhausen, Cage etc), Music simply explores its own inherent qualities - pitch, tone, rhythm, harmony, discord, etc.


In the late 1970’s I researched synaesthetic links between visual and aural perception, and the parallels between sound and light, seeking to apply musical theory to teaching colour relationship systems. Although my ideas have moved on since then, I am still seeking to produce a pure Art which, like pure Music, is perceived directly by the subconscious.

I am NOT trying to emulate Music, and definitely not attempting to interpret or illustrate specific pieces of Music. A two dimensional Artwork can never imitate Music since there is no temporal element - Art is permanently present, whereas a piece of Music unfolds through time.  

My intention, then,  is simply to create a stimulus which appeals directly to the subconscious - to parallel aural experience with visual perception. 

  I hope the spectator will react directly to my work. As we are all unique individuals shaped by different life experiences, each viewer should find their own response and relationship to each of my pieces.


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