‘Pesantezza’ initially started from a drawing. Then, one day, I was speaking with my husband about how I was feeling: the constant repetition of actions during this COVID year, my decision to be an expatriate, my career as an artist and how I can get fed up and overwhelmed with all these thoughts. I couldn't find the specific word to describe it.

Then he said ‘Oh! The thing you are feeling is called Pesantezza’. He is Italian. Literally, when he mentioned that it was like I was transported to my childhood, when you are discovering what is around you and the others explain to you the name of each object.

‘Pesantezza’ is about a character in a state of frustration.

In the installation, he is represented in three postures that together complete a sequence of a movement. The first sculpture is on his knees, the second one is crawling and the third is lying completely folded flat, with his forehead to the floor and the arms alongside the body. There is a circle on the floor that represents the trajectory he is leaving behind due to his repetitive movements.

Next to the sculptures, there is a complementary short-story. In this piece of writing the voice that is speaking are his internal bad thoughts that put the character in a cycle of punishment.

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