Pit pony is just passing through

'Pit pony is just passing through' is a new oil pastel drawing onto book pages as part of my AA2A residency exploring queer and working class narratives through contemporary drawing, painting and poetry.

Everything becomes a memory, it happens and the moment is gone, and all of these working class and queer stories is my heritage and upbringing, infact it's the story of many of us; the pit ponies and the mining wheels and women who have graced my life are all ghosts now that I want to document, I want to let it be known that these stories are and were very real, even if all we are left with are ghosts and memories of these things and places. - I'm also interested in this 'inbetween space' where you move away from where you grow up, people pass away and spaces become memory and you're never quite at home again. We sort of meet people and life goes on and it just doesn't stop, we just keep finding home in new spaces and people and amongst objects... that sense of belonging ever-changing.. being lost.. then found.. wondering if it is infact me, that returns to these places as a ghost, because these places we used to live in kept going, they're still right there, it's me that left... I'm interested in that.

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