Pit pony with mining wheels

'Pit pony with mining wheels' is a folk-art style monochrome collage using ivory and black card depicting a ghostly pit pony figure exploring queer and working class narratives. 

This collage is inspired by Sharlston; a mining village on the outskirts of Wakefield in West Yorkshire that I used to live in and the pit pony's that once inhabited this space. All of the objects and experiences that I am documenting throughout this project no longer exist or are memories, so I paint, collage, print and draw these as ghosts and traces of our lives and stories. 

My collage and project is currently interested in this 'in-between space' and the welsh term ‘Hiraeth’ a yearning for your home or where you move away from home and people pass away, spaces become memories and you're never quite at home again and cannot quite return to something that has once been. This everchanging sense of belonging and home is shown through ghostlike paintings that celebrate and mourn experiences associated with our upbringing and past lives.

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