Second attempt: Papermaking using book pages: Hidden narratives and lost stories

'Papermaking using book pages: Hidden narratives and lost stories' is a collection of images showing the papermaking process during my time on the AA2A programme using book pages.

These images document my second attempt at the process of papermaking using book pages to make the pulp. This attempt felt much more successful, I gained more control over the process and felt more capable. I understood more about the process and required less assistance, the process began to feel natural and transfering the paper pulp from the mould and deckle onto the silk became easier. 

The 'cake like' block of pulp that I can be seen holding is what we saved of my pulp from the previous session so that I could use it again this session. The block of pulp got broken up and put into the whiz mixer for 20 minutes before making the paper. 

Making paper using book pages came with it's share of challenges and unexpected outcomes and discoveries, but it created beautiful paper where the writing and letters from the book pages are churned up into pulp and re-appear on the surface of the paper as fragmented stories, a nod to the lost histories and experiences particularly of queer people, women, of the working class... those of complicated experiences, of loss, of desire... a rich tapestry re-emerging as traces of what once was, words that remain spoken and unspoken and inkeeping with this idea of memory, ghosts, closure and the 'inbetween spaces' which we inhabit.

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