Shared water, contested water 2018

Ceramics, MDF board, emulsion, found objects and photo book - 120 x 60 x 60 cm

Issues of climate change and contested water in the Middle East’s ‘Garden of Eden’ are explored through the development of a series of clay sculptural objects.  These contemporary artefacts seek to exemplify politics and geology as inextricably entwined and provide a link between the paleoclimate archive and the future demand for water.

One of the vessels, used for filtering polluted water, is made from clay sourced from Al-Hammar Marshes in Southern Iraq (brought to Cambridge by Nawrast Abd Alwahab – visiting scholar from Iraq to the UK, 2018).

Exhibited in October 2018 for The Archive and Contested Lanscape exhibition, part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas 2018

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