Stone wall and hedge boundary

Last week I made sketches/took photographs of a winding hedgerow that leads towards Coombs Farm near Bakewell, it had caught my eye on a walk the previous week. Today I visited Alison Uttley's birthplace for the third time, and sketched and photographed the paths, stonewalls and untended hawthorn hedgerows that surround the farm. 

This project has many possible pathways and ideas/potential outcomes are forming in my mind. The project may include drawing, embroidery, lithography, screen-print, textiles and photography.  

While drawing onsite I thought about how these drawings will not feature in the final works. The act of making them provides a pause, time to think, to look, notice and understand the landscape around me. While drawing I considered how important the notion of 'boundary' is within these developing ideas: the edge, a physical barrier representing safety and respect.  

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