Until you deem me worthwhile

'You smash the jar, 

of days and nights, 

I gave to you, 

the brick wall pillows, 

days passing like,

a light switching, 

couldn't feel my hands, 

braving the dark, 

means nothing to you. 


Your silence, 

rips through me, 

I'm certain that sometimes, 

if you could, 

you would fold me up, 

hide me, 

inside a vase, 

of wilted flora. 


You never could see, 

that I am, 

the brightest sunflower, 

you do not care, 

because I am just floating in, 

the bottom of a vase, 

not on full display, 

like a sunflower should be. 


Until a more convenient time, 

Until you deem me worthwhile.


Oil pastel drawing of a large vessel containing wilted flora onto handmade paper. The paper that these drawings have been produced onto has been created during my AA2A residency at Loughborough University using recycled book pages. Exploring queer and working class narratives through contemporary drawing, painting, poetry and printmaking. 

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