Visualise project.

Working with Future Cities as part of their collaborative public art project with Anglia Ruskin.

I have been commissioned to design and make a sign for their project and was asked by their guest curator to take part in a show called

Diagonal Circularity.




Transforming the everyday into a place of light and upturning gravity is a new exhibition in the (Con)temporary Space at 100 Regent Street, featuring the work of Cambridge based artist Susie Olczak and Markus Soukup, originally from East Germany and now living in Liverpool.

Brought together by the Visualise programme, which seeks to develop innovative public art initiatives for Cambridge, initiated by Anglia Ruskin University, the two artists installed their work in a day in a vacant shop along the busy street which was secured for temporary cultural uses by the Changing Spaces agency. In this work, light becomes a language that speaks to us even when there is no-one in the shop – which plays with its vacancy and opens out its shadows.

 The show will be open from Tuesday-Saturday from 4.00-7.00 pm from 10th – 19th January.

Artists Statement: We are both interested in looking together at ways of ‘re-perceiving’  in order to find new or deeper levels of consciousness of phenomena and their relations. In conversation the idea of a ‘re-perceptive gap' emerged.  The German word for perception is 'Wahrnehmung'. It contains the two words 'Wahr' (true) and 'Nehmung' (taking). A gap between perceptions is manifested by time and a re-perception is a re-occurring perception. Maybe a gap between perceptions and the reoccurrence of perceiving a phenomena is necessary to find a perception (or understanding) in the sense of 'finding or taking truth'? 

About the Artists:

Susie Olczak studied at Glasgow School of Art and now lives and works in Cambridge. She specialises in sculpture, photography and installation exploring space, light, perspective and form. Her work aims to become a physical and psychological experience for the viewer through altering, highlighting or creating space.  Her work is influenced by minimalism, geometry, light, balance and architecture which often become components to each piece. The work is available on a loan basis or she is available for new commissions. Previous work includes an outdoors light trail commissioned by Charles Saatchi for last year’s Big Chill Festival and she has also provided work for BBC Scotland as well as Taylor Vinters Solicitors, Cambridge. See .


Markus Soukup was born in Zittau Germany and has been living and working in Liverpool since 2003.  His work involves moving image incorporating video, 2D and 3D animation as well as  are digital photography, typography, graphic and interactive design, field recordings, sound design and electronic music Fascinated by the screen as a window opening up to the virtual space, he searches for a way of incorporating new technologies to install or position ‘situations’ or ‘mental objects’ in both - real and virtual – spaces. While interested in processes of perception he explores a variety of methods for creating narratives. His work has been in the ULTIMA festival for contemporary music in Oslo (Norway) in 2011, the New Media Art Festival in Seoul (Korea) in 2010, Liverpool Biennial (UK) 2010, the 11th International Media Art Biennial - WRO 05 in Wroclaw (Poland) 2005 and numerous other ;ocal, national and international exhibitions and festivals. In 2011 he was awarded the Liverpool Art Prize.The piece ‘Un-Space’ was first shown at METAL Southend and Liverpool as part of the STILL exhibition for which it was commissioned by curator Simon Poulter.



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