AA2A Students Newsletter - February 2016

All images taken from the 'Dotbiz' networking site

Hi Student folk

Welcome to the AA2A students' newsletter. This year there are currently around 65 artists and designer/makers undertaking projects and research at Universities and Colleges around England. So, whether it benefits you right now or when you're a practising artist or designer/maker yourself, it's worth finding out about. For general information about AA2A see our student guide otherwise read on for news of recent developments and ways for you to get involved.

Latest project news

This year two of our institutions are running 'AA2A Plus' schemes. Teesside University is hosting four AA2A artists, two of which are 'AA2A Plus' placements managed in conjunction with Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (mima). Alan Hathaway and Jim Poyner will be working with mima's 'Office of useful Art'. Similarly, the University of Central Lancashire is hosting five AA2A places, two of which are 'AA2A Plus' placements. James Fox and Emma Blackburn will gain privileged access to the Harris Museum and Art Gallery with a focus on their history collection. We aim to have more AA2A Plus schemes next year - so watch this space... You can get an in depth and up to date view of artists work as the schemes progress. All colleges and all artists have profiles on our networking site Dotbiz, just search your college or an artist's name.

AA2A Student representatives

So far this year we have 23 students at participating AA2A institutions who signed up to be AA2A Student representatives. AA2A Reps have profiles on Dotbiz, so they can upload blogs, image albums and exhibitions along with the artists. Each month we issue an 'AA2A Reps Challenge' which go towards a prize for the 'Student Rep of the Year'. Last year Tina Dempsey from University of Central Lancashire was the winner of the Student Rep of the Year.

It's our pleasure to introduce a few Reps from around the country:
Chloe Reid and Jess Buxton from the University of Derby. Ivy Deacon from City College Brighton and Hove, Oscar Kirkpatrick from Plymouth University and Jessica Snowden from Teesside University.

Check your Dotbiz college page to see if there's a Rep at your institution. If not, and you're interested, please get in touch via the email address at the bottom this page.

AA2A Artist of the Year

Congratulations to last year's AA2A Artists of the Year: Benedict Rutherford Students vote winner (University of Central Lancashire) and Rhyannon Parry Public vote winner (Liverpool Hope University). Nominations are open for 2015-16: vote now!

AA2A and employability - what's in it for you?

We try to make sure students benefit from the life and career experience of AA2A artists particularly when it comes to employability. When colleges sign up for AA2A, they choose from our Employability packages. So depending on which package your college signed up for, you may have some extra resources available to help you get more from your time at college and make some informed career choices. e.g. AA2A Digital Pack (see below) or a presentation on 'Self-employment'.

2015-16 AA2A Digital pack available now!

'Making it out there', our digital pack aimed at students, (now updated for 2015-16) is available on our website buy it online for 5.95. Check first if your college/uni has an institutional licence, then you could get it for free!

Self-employment talks

We've been busy travelling the country giving presentations promoting self-employment as a career and lifestyle option. This is included for host institutions who signed up for our 'deluxe' package. Wendy Mason, AA2A's National Director, gives a presentation to students showing them what it looks and feels like to be self-employed and why it might work for them.


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Best wishes

The AA2A team

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Lucy Carolan - Teesside University

Chloe Reid - University of Derby

Jim Poyner - Teesside University

Josepa Munoz - Anglia Ruskin University

Rachel Laycock - University of Sunderland