Interesting statistics from the Artists' evaluation

With a return rate of 92% AA2A Artists' evaluation forms give accurate and detailed information which is summarised and used help us and the host institutions to improve schemes. Below are some of the national statistics for 2016-17.

  • Artists rated the importance of AA2A nationally at 9 out of 10
  • 92% said they would definitely recommend AA2A to others
  • 99% believe AA2A is important to an artists' career development

  • 69% rated the facilities offered by institutions as excellent and 22% as good'
  • 45% used facilities or equipment that was new to them
  • 90% used at least one of the support areas offered, (library, lectures, IT, etc)

  • 34% were recent graduates (graduating 2013-2015)
  • 18% had been an artist for 1-3 years, 37% for 3-10 yrs, 45% for more than 10 yrs
  • 69% of artists were female and 31% were male
  • 73% were self employed
  • 17% had a disability
  • 19% were from a non UK background

  • Artists used an average of 141 hours access time (of the minimum 100 hours offered)
  • They travelled an average of 18 miles to their AA2A institution

  • The AA2A scheme at Teesside University was rated highest by their artists
  • Chelmsford College were runners up
  • Coventry University and Plymouth University were joint third place