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Joining AA2A offers a unique opportunity to become part of a well-established organisation with over 25 years of experience delivering residencies at HE and FE institutions. Our extensive network of artists combined with our comprehensive advertising strategy allows us to connect our hosts with a diverse pool of top-quality creatives. Your selected resident artists can become an integral part of your academic community, inspiring creativity, and acting as positive role models for students. 

As well as our residencies, which connect students with artists who have successfully navigated the real-world challenges of creative careers, we also provide hosts with tailored employability resources. Our resources can help bridge the often slightly daunting gap between graduating and making money as a practising artist by focussing on content often not covered by careers departments. 

For particularly keen and ambitious students of our host institutions, there is also the opportunity to become an AA2A student ambassador. Further details of the ambassador programme will follow in the summer of 2024.


Our residency schemes are subsidised approximately 60% - our pricing demonstrates real value for money.

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Full AA2A Residency Scheme with Employability Support - £1,860 (in-person talk) or £1,650 (online talk). Each residency program we run is subsidised by Arts Council England, meaning we can help run a scheme at a lower cost than doing it yourself.

  • Support for 4 to 6 residency placements for artists and designer-makers
  • Up to three free sessions delivered by each resident artist*
  • Access to a £7,200 Artist Support Fund managed by AA2A (fund shared among all hosts)
  • Web profiles for your AA2A residents and student ambassadors 
  • Opportunity to add non-visual arts places (e.g. musicians) for £350 each
  • 90-minute employability talk delivered to your students 
  • Access to AA2A’s employability resources including videos, seminars and ‘Creative Futures Guide’. 

*e.g. talks or demonstrations, up to two hours long

We estimate a cost of at least £4500-5000 to setup and run a scheme independently.

Along the way, you will receive help and support from the AA2A team. We have over 25 years of experience running residencies and recognition within the sector which helps us to attract talented applicants to all our schemes.  

Smaller institutions, such as FE colleges, can choose to host a mini-scheme rather than a full scheme. A mini-scheme can include everything that a full scheme provides, except it only supports 1 or 2 residency placements. If you would like to discuss costing of this, please email daniel@aa2a.org.

To learn more about hosting a scheme, visit our Host FAQ page.

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